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Best Core Strengthening Exercises to Do At Home

You probably wouldn’t mind a bit extra definition in your belly, no matter where you are in your fitness journey.

Regardless of whether you have a six pack or a beer belly, your abs could use a little bit more definition. Additionally, enhancing your core strength is crucial for protecting yourself from injuries, increasing your overall strength and athleticism.

the positive news Your core muscles and abs can withstand a lot of exercise.

While most of your muscle groups benefit most from just two weekly training sessions, you can effectively work your abs every other day. Not even leaving the house is necessary!

Here is my list of the top 11 at-home, no-equipment core strengthening exercises.


Let’s begin with the plank, the ultimate core-strengthening exercise.

Planks target the deep core muscles in your body that support stability and power in addition to your abs and obliques. They can also ease back discomfort and enhance posture and balance.

Set yourself up for a pushup with your feet behind you and your hands beneath your shoulders. As long as you can, hold your body stiff (like a plank!) while locking out your arms and legs and tightening your abdominal muscles.

Try a forearm plank with your arms extended in front of you for a more difficult variant. Your elbows should be under your face rather than in line with your shoulders when you support yourself by laying your forearms on the ground.

2. Side Planks

Try this difficult variation, the side plank, to work your abs even more.

Turn to one side while still in the plank posture. Your body should be straight and tight while you support yourself on one elbow and one foot.

As you maintain this position for as long as you can, don’t forget to squeeze your core.

In order to prevent causing muscle imbalances, switch sides and repeat.

3. Reverse Crunches

The standard stomach crunch is a good exercise, but if you want to strengthen your abs and core, you should choose exercises that are much more difficult.

It’s probably time for something new when you can complete 50 crunches without any difficulty.

The reverse crunch, like the conventional crunch, is portable and effective for toning your lower abdomen.

On your back, in the crunch position, position your legs bent. As you elevate your pelvis and pull your knees up toward your face, place your hands flat on the ground by your sides. Then, lower them back down.

Instead of using your back, contract the muscles in your lower abs. Perform several sets of 12–20 repetitions.

4. Arms High Sit-Ups

Think like a crunch, only much tougher!

Knees bent and feet flat on the ground in front of you, take a sit-up position.

While performing a couple rounds of sit-ups, keep your arms raised in the air.

The move becomes extremely strenuous and tough when your arms are engaged in this manner. Compared to typical crunches, you’ll get a lot more use out of this motion.

5. Flutter Kicks

We’ll want to work the lower abs hard because they are a common issue area.

Flutter kicks are the perfect remedy if that describes you.

With your hands by your sides or firmly planted on the ground, lie flat on your back with your legs up. Lift both of your legs together to a height of about 6 inches, and then quickly alternate lowering and lifting each leg by a few inches.

You should feel quite a heat in your abdomen and it should appear as though you are kicking the air.

6. L-Sits

The L-Sit is quite challenging to master, but the rewards are incredible if you can develop your strength here.

You’ll need a solid surface to press off of in order to do an L-Sit. Although you can perform them on the ground, it will be a little bit simpler if you can elevate yourself using a set of dumbbells, two solid chairs, or another similar piece of equipment.

Legs out in front of you, sit down on the floor. Your hands should be on the surface or the ground while you press with your arms fixed at your sides. Using the strain from your locked arms, raise your legs so they are parallel to your upper body.

For a challenging strength-building workout, maintain this position as long as you can.

7. Stomach Vacuums

Now for something completely different!

The transverse abdominis is a muscle group in your core that is commonly ignored because it is simple to engage your front-facing abdominal muscles.

Your skin can’t see this muscle, yet it’s crucial for maintaining excellent posture, stabilizing your body, and holding your tummy in close to your spine.

Try stomach vacuums to build this muscle and achieve a flatter stomach.

standing tall and erect. Pull your stomach in tight as you exhale all the air from your body. Think of pulling your belly button toward your spine.

The transverse abdominis will start to contract. Hold for as long as you can, then release and repeat.

8. Star Planks

Too many varieties of planks should be a part of your program because they are so effective.

Although much tougher to maintain for an extended period of time, the star plank used similar muscles to the standard plank.

Walk your feet out wide and your hands out wide as you come out of the push-up or regular plank stance.

Your body should be in the shape of an X. Lift your center off the floor, clench your muscles, and maintain the position for as long as you can.

9. Boat Pose

Yogis are experts in core stability, so if you desire a flatter stomach, you should follow their lead.

Extremely challenging isometric hold known as the “boat position” develops outstanding core strength and balance.

Stare while doing a sit-up. Lift your feet off the ground until they are roughly level with your face, then crunch yourself up toward your knees. Hold this position for as long as you can while maintaining balance on your butt.

Your butt should be the only part of your body that touches the ground as it forms a V. Boat stance should be quite difficult to hold!

10. Mountain Climbers

Abs work by alone won’t reduce belly fat. However, when you combine cardio and abs, you’re onto something special.

If you want to strengthen your core and get a good sweat going, mountain climbers are a wonderful choice.

Set yourself up in a plank position. Drive one leg at a time off the ground, up toward your chest, and back to its original position while keeping your arms locked and your body tight. Repeat after me quickly.

It should appear as though you are ascending a hill, and it should quickly wear you out!

11. Russian Twists

Let’s finally show the obliques a little more appreciation.

Put yourself in the sit-up position, then crunch your body toward your knees. From here, clasp your hands in front of you and quickly twist from side to side while leaning back so that your torso is at a 45-degree angle to the floor.

After just a few reps, your obliques will start to contract.

Lift your feet off the floor in the manner of the boat posture while performing the motion for a more challenging variant, or complete the twist while holding a hefty medicine ball for greater resistance.

The Bottom Line

A low body fat percentage is the single most important factor in developing six-pack abs. The easiest way to do that is to maintain a sensible diet and increase your overall body strength.

However, you can afford to strengthen your abs a little more frequently — 3–4 times per week is ideal — if you want to increase your agility, general strength, or even your lifespan.

You’ll probably notice a significant improvement in definition as well if you hit them hard enough!

One method of strengthening your core is to perform endless crunches, but there are so many more effective and difficult routines you can try without ever leaving your living room.

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