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How To Make Your Voice Deeper – Tips You Can Consider!

Have you ever listened to your voice recording? Did you feel so clingy? Now, you must want to know how you can change your voice. Every man has his definition of what it means to be a man. There are some guys; for them being a man always means being confident; for others, it means how they react, and others may have some other thinking. But some guys do want to have a deep and manly voice.

What if someone does not have that voice and wants to? How can they make their voice better? If you want to know how to make your voice deeper, you are at the right place. So, keep reading!

Having a deep voice makes you more of a man?

Most men have a deep voice, which is commonly associated with manliness. Therefore, from a majority male perspective, marketing has relied on the male voice depiction as it should be deeper in pitch. At the same time, a high-pitched voice is mostly associated with the feminine.

Tips on how to make your voice deeper     

1. Relax the muscles

Before you do the exercise, you need to pay attention to that part of the body. If you want to control your voice, then you need to relax your muscles first. Most people forget to pay attention to their bodies. You will see eight different muscles in the tongue, and you need to relax first before doing these things.

From behind your bottom front teeth to the tip of your tongue, you need to leave it there for at least 10 seconds, and then you should do it again. It will help you relax the area and reduce the tension in your mouth.

One of the main flaws in our body is the Neck, and several things can cause pain in your neck muscles. That is why you need to stretch it out. To relax the muscles, you need to roll it over one side and then the other so that it will come to the center. Once it reaches there, you can just drop it and breathe.

2. Mind the airflow

The voice cord will work much better when there is enough airflow to help you sound so good. You need to learn first that you can train your voice and become deeper. There are several exercises which you can do, but all you need to do is a straw so that it will work in a better way.

3. Diaphragmatic breathing

The way you breathe does have an impact on your voice. That is why you need to try inhaling deeply from your nose; you need to bring all the air inside and go as far as you can. But while you are exhaling the air, you must do that gradually. As a result, you may feel vibration when you will speak. It is the technique that most singer or actors uses which helps them in controlling their voice pitch.

4. Blowingbubbles

Well, at some point, everyone has blown bubbles while drinking a milkshake or soda. You will be surprised to know that it has been an exercise for them which is used to ‘reset the voice .’This straw technique stretches and even relaxes your muscles in the vocal cord. It helps in becoming your voice stronger and will make it better.

5. Drink more water

If you are thinking of skipping this part, then please don’t. Most people do not think it is that important, but it is more than what they think. The vocal cord makes your voice sound so deep, and not drinking enough water may cause your vocal cord to be small. If there is less water, that means you have less mass, making your cord so thin. It is the reason why most people have high-pitched voices.

6. Yawning and sighing

People often notice that they have a deeper voice in the morning. Making the sigh-like sound will also help you lower the pitch of your voice as it makes you sound breathy. If you want that voice, you need to be more breathy and use a voiced sigh. The good thing is making the man’s deeper voice sound more attractive.


With all these exercises or tips, you will definitely find some change in your voice, which will get deeper with time. But make sure you are considering these and doing it in the right way regularly; otherwise, you may not see much effect on your voice.

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