11Pc Resistance Bands Set – Goods Must Buy

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Resistance Band 11pc Set with Door Anchor . Ankle Straps . Foam Handles & Resistance Band Carrying Case Fitness Workout

The 11pcs Resistance Bands Set is specially designed to enable more than 150 different exercises and a wide range of resistance/weight . so you can work any muscle group in the body in countless ways . and get the results (and look) you want quickly and effectively . from the comfort of your own home.

COUNTLESS EXERCISES – specially designed and includes all the necessary accessories for more than 150 possible exercises for all muscle groups – suitable for any fitness level. Whether you want a a complete body workout . or to work on just one muscle group at a time . the Resistance Bands Set is your perfect solution.

EASILY SETS UP IN SECONDS – with the included Door Anchor . handles and ankle straps . you can set up the Resistance Bands Set in seconds. Just choose your desired exercise . set up accordingly . and start your workout.

GET THE RESULTS YOU WANT – the weight range is perfect for getting the results you want . whether you are looking to build body mass . tone your muscles . or burn body fat.

WORKOUT EVEN IF YOU CAN’T FIND THE TIME – Have only a few minutes a day . or having difficulties finding the time to work out? No problem! Because of the accessibility and quick and easy set up . Resistance Bands Set allow you to do a few quick sets whenever you have time . and go on with your day


5 x Resistance bands

2 x Handles

1 x Door anchor

1 x Carry bag

2 x Ankle straps


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