Portable Martial Arts Metal Bo Staff – Quality Grabber

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    The Perfect Pocket Tool To Stay Protected!

    110CM Metal Bo Staff?C Portable Martial Arts Metal Staff could be used for self-defenseand safety. You can carry thisretractable bo staffaround to ensure yoursafety and self-defense! With its concealable form . you can silently pop out this bo staff whenever you are indanger ??

    In addition to that . it is widely used by magicians. The one-touch collapse function will keep your audience amazed. Use it for fun . or at parties. You’ll find that you can do a few different tricks with this collapsible cane to sharpen your magic skills.


    • Stainless Steel Build.The Bo Staff is built from high-grade stainless steel which can be used formartial arts and self-defense effectively.
    • Lightweight and Telescopic Portability.This Bo Staff isextremely concealableatits 2″ (5cm) closed length.Carry it around whereveryou go to stay protected.
    • One-Touch System.Simply press the bottom button to unlock and release the staff. Point the staffaway from your face and bodyto ensure it comes out safely.
    • Aerodynamic Shape.Spin this staff atunbelievable speedsdue to its unique micro-concave shape. It cutsthe surrounding air to increase rotation speed by over 30%!


    • Stretchable . it’s amazing to make a short thing to a long bar
    • It can be used with spring headscarves . shells and so on
    • Eject fast . and easily recovered
    • Security operation does not scratch hands

    Easily put back the Bo Staff into its small form by twisting and pushing it down . locking it with the top pin.


    • 1 x Collapsible Bo staff

    Please do not use the Bo Staff to intentionally harm others . it is a performance staff to be used for self-defense and training! Ensure your safety when popping it open and holding.


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