12V Mini Multifunction Car Inflator – kiwinic


12V Mini Multifunction Car Inflator .Small . Portable . Powerful .LED

Widely applicable to a variety of vehicles
Suitable for small cars . SUVs . commercial vehicles
Also suitable for most motorcycles . bicycles . balls . etc.

Digital display operation method
Digital display preset: After the digital display air pump is connected to the power supply . press the set button . set the air pressure unit to BAR . press + . number one . set the value you want (the average car is 2.3 . the off-road vehicle is 2.8) . in the setting display screen When the number does not flash . turn on the power switch to inflate . and charge the tire pressure to the home small car that you want to stop after the set tire pressure value.

Rated Voltage:12V
MAX Current:14A
Rated Power:120W
MAX Pressure:100psi


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