180 Degree Adjustable Car Headrest – Quality Grabber

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Sleeping in the car on long rides causing neck pain?

The180 Degree Adjustable Car Headrestprovides support and comfort for sleeping passengers. Simply attach to your vehicle’s existing headrest toprovide lateral supportto keep your head and body upright and comfortably aligned in the seat.

  • [Comfortable in-car rest time] Car seat pillows are mainly used to provide head and neck support for passengers when they fall asleep . making sleep more comfortable. The lateral headrest pillow is filled with a soft . thickened memory foam pad that is cushioned.
  • [Adjustable Width and Height] The width between the two headrest pillows can be adjusted by selecting the position of the slot on the retractable support bar. The pillow can also be raised and lowered up and down 180?? for a variety of heights. If you don’t need it . can lift them up to save space in your car.

  • [Easy to install] The headrest pillow is detachable and can be easily attached to the headrest support bar. First . select the appropriate rubber gasket to secure it to the headrest of the car seat. Then secure the telescopic support bar to the rubber washer. Finally . tighten the cover with a screwdriver.
  • [Private for passengers] Car seat pillows can comfortably support the head and neck . relax muscles . prevent long-term bending . fatigue . and pain caused by the floating neck. And protect your head from hitting the door and window. Care for your family . friends or business partners.



High-elastic nylon . ABS plastic


(L x W x H):

17.7 x 7.9 x 2.0 inches


1x Car Seat Headrest . 1 x Set of Install Fittings

Why do we need to have a car seat pillow?

Lack of head support can cause pain in your neck . and your head always hits the door and window when you sleep while you are in a sports car. So buy a car seat pillow to make your nap time in the car more comfortable.

Why do we recommend the car headrest?
1. pillow filled with the soft thickened memory foam pad . which is good for buffering
2. leather pillowcases for easy cleaning
3. pillow width adjustable for each passenger
4.180?? rotation . suitable for all heights of passengers . saving space
5. high-quality ABS material telescopic support rod . stable and safe
6. detachable pillows for easy installation and storage

  • Family’s comfort is everything
  • keep your family safe &comfortable in car
  • Must for young ones or elders especially on long drives


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