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Bring your poker card games or tricks to a“WOW” level with 24k Gold Waterproof Playing Cards.

Plated with 99.9% 24 karat gold . these cards feature a beautifully rendered etching of $100 dollar bill on the back of each golden card. Certificate of authenticity is included.

The high-grade gold foil withexquisiteembossmentand fine coating guarantees to leave an awesomeimpression & an extra lush feeling.

Imperishable color & pattern are made to last long with durable waterproof design.


  • Certified 99.9% pure 24 karat gold foil
  • Waterproof cards with embossed prints against fading
  • Highly flexible for standing tough shuffle & bending
  • Anti-deformation & split
  • $100 dollar bill etching on the back of each golden cards
  • Extra smooth & captivating refraction texture


  • 54 card deck (52 hand crafted best quality cards with 2 jokers)
  • Bridge size: 2.25 x 3.5 inch


  • 1 deck X24k Gold Waterproof Playing Cards


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