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Enjoy outdoor activities at night with this 3-in-1 portable light!

Are you an adventurer or loves outdoor activities? We have something that will help your camping trips EXTRA BRIGHT . introducing the 3-in-1 CAMPING LIGHT.
3-in-1 Camping Light is an OUTDOOR LANTERN that has THREE FUNCTIONS with its ADVANCED RETRACTABLE DESIGN you can achieve THREE TOOLS in ONE! It is an LED LIGHT that has 2 MODEs of LIGHT which is WHITE and WARM LIGHT. When PULLED UP it is a LANTERN with WHITE LIGHT . PUSH IT DOWN to FULLY RETRACT and PULL UP BACK to SWITCH to YELLOW WARM LIGHT. PRESS the BUTTON and it will TURN ON the FLASHLIGHT. The Yellow Light has a FLICKERING EFFECT that looks like a REAL FLAME.
3-in-1 Camping Light is LIGHTWEIGHT and COMPACT making it PORTABLE and EAST to CARRY. It is SOLAR POWERED but still can PROVIDE an ULTRA-BRIGHT LIGHT. It is WATERPROOF. Its WORKING HOURS depends on the LIGHT you use: 15HRS for the WHITE LIGHT . 75HRS for FLAME LIGHTS and 100 HRS for the FLASHLIGHT.
3-in-1 Camping Light is also SUITABLE for Work Light . Book Light . Reading Light . Hurricane Lantern . Emergency Light . Hiking . Fishing . Tent Lights and other outdoor activities. It is STRONG and DURABLE. It can be guaranteed to have a LONG LIFESPAN.


Model1 (drybattery)

Color:black . gold . blue

Powered by 3 AA batteries (batteries not included)

Max. working time:

White light: 15hrs .Warm light:75 hrs . Flashlight:100 hrs.


Model2 (chargeable)

Color:black . gold . blue

Powered by solar energy or through a charging cable

Max. working time:12 hours for all 3 modes

Weight: 0.25kg/0.55lb


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