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ThePhone ScreenCurvedMagnifieris designed with an innovative curved screen that is perfect for watching online movies with more dynamic and real sensation! Your small phone screen is able to be magnified 3-5 times and displayed in a 8.2-inch large screen. Sounds great right?

The screen provides you a HD quality view with a clear lens without light reflection. With the push-pull design . it is portable for travel and easy to store.


  • Screen Enlargement: Feeling a bit blurry when watching movies with your small phone? This helps magnify the phone screen 3-5 times to 8.2 inch large screen.

  • Dynamic Watching Experience:The curved large screen provides you excellent watching experience with a clear and HD-quality lens. It is great for 3D movies as well!

  • Reduce Light Reflection: With the special design screen . you can watch movies at various angles without light reflection.

  • Easy To Carry:It is made of quality PVC which is light and durable. With the push-pull design . it is portable to bring it outdoor.

  • Wide Compatibility:It fits most sizes of phone screens. Just place the phone in the middle and adjust to a suitable angle.


  • Material: PVC Lens
  • Size: 18cm X 12cm
  • Screen Size: 8.2 inch
  • Color: White / Black


  • 1 x Phone Screen Magnifier


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