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Are you troubled by the blockage of the pipe?
Maybe you can try it

  • Quick Foaming Cleaneris an innovativecleaning package specifically formulated toremove stubborn rusts & stainsaccumulated in thetoilet bowl.
  • Made up ofmagic foam particles . the cleaning powderimmediatelyfoam when encounter water. Providesall-around powerfulcleaning . removing hidden stains . limescale . and rust.

  • Safe to Touch:100% safe . non-irritating . not hurting hands . will not hurt the floor to meet various needs.

  • Easy To Operate:Bid farewell to vigorous scrubbing . add in a suitable amount of water and immediately foam . soak for 30 minutes . then gently brush and rinse.


  1. Pour this product into the place to be cleaned.
  2. Add the right amount of water and immediately foam.
  3. Soak for 30 minutes . then gently brush and rinse.


    • Color: White
    • Capacity:100g
    • Material: Enzyme


    • 1xPipe Dredge Deodorant


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