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Normal sponges are breeding ground for Bacteria

Did you knowthat normal USdishcloths and sponges are contaminated with E.Coli? And a whopping70% of USdishcloths and sponges contain over one billion bacteria! It’s like a paradise for bacteria to breed and grow. Yuck!

It is required to replace your cleaning sponges with new ones after one-week use.But sadly . a survey in 2018 shows that up to67% of US households only replace their sponges once every two months.It is understandable since not many people are informed ofthe risk of overused sponges/dish cloths and it also does taketime and moneyto replace them every now and then.

No more worries with our cleaning sponge

Antibacterial . Smell-Free and Hygienic
Our cleaning spongeis thegerm-free . antibacterialand hygienic alternativeto your regular . smelly sponges. Itis madeof environment friendly silicone . which is BPA-free and FDA-apprioved.Our productdoesn’t allow bacteria to grow . NEVER smells . always fresh & clean.

There’s no need for you to constantly worry about the risks of normal sponges that can cause harm to you or your family anymore!

No more wasting time and money
Our spong is heat resistant . so itcan be easily sanitized using dishwasher . microwave or even just boiling water. Plus . they last for YEARS.You won’t have to think about new sponges or old-smelly bacterial-infested sponges anymore.These will be the last sponges you ever need to buy!

Clean everything with our sponge
These 100% food-grade silicone wondersmake light work of all tasks around the kitchen and the home.Doing the dishes? Covered. Scrubbing counter tops? Easy. Cleaning the shower screen? Sorted. You can even use itas pot holder due to its heat resistant feature!

DOUBLE your Cleaning Power
Not only does it save time and money . it alsobrings powerful cleaning results!Each side has over1000individual cleaning ‘fingers’that do the hard work for you so you don’t have to! Andsince they are super-flexible . they can get into even the tightest . smallest spaces. Nowyou can clean areas that you’ve never been able to reach before.



  • Suitable for cleaning dishes . makeup brushes . hair . opening jars . etc
  • Material: Silicone
  • Size: 4.92″*2.75″*0.59″
  • Color: Green . Blue . Red . Pink

Due to the different monitor and light effect . the actual color of the item might be slightly different from the color showed on the pictures. Thank you!


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