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Say goodbye to constant cloudy and smelly aquarium water

Maintaining asafe water habitatfor the pet fish is now easier with thisAquarium Water Eco-purifier Cube! Works forall types of aquarium (freshwater and marine).

Withultra strong filtrationandabsorption abilities . itrapidly remove water coloration . odors . toxic pollutants (e.g. insecticides and chemicals) and medicationthatare bad toyour pet fishes.

The purifier is made ofultra-absorbent .activated carbonfurther packed in ahoneycombed structure full of micro tunnels.

The highly porous material has a large surface area andeffectivelyadsorbtoxic pollutantsfrom the water.

The purifier works 24/7.It works by itsphysical cleaning properties. It doesnot requirepowernor relies onharmful chemicals.


  • Ultra-Strong Filtration & Absorption

Captures and absorbwater coloration . odors . toxic pollutants (e.g. insecticides and chemicals) and medication in your aquarium with ultra-absorbent . honeycomb activated carbon.

Eco-Friendly Aquarium Purifier

  • Safe for Water Pets

    It keeps the aquarium pets healthybyconstantly purifyingthe water. It is made of natural and non-toxic activated carbon.

  • No More Cloudy Water
    It effectively absorbspollutants and avoids the water from getting cloudy. Maintains the water’s pH level as well as overall cleanliness.

  • Long Lastingand Reusable

    The reusable purifier will keep your fish aquarium clean for months. You may takethe cubeout every several weeks for cleaning with clean tap water. For best results .rinse the purifierevery several weeks and replaceit every 3 to 6 months.


  • Wash the cube with warm water before use.
  • Put the cleaner inside aquarium. Best recommendedposition is near the water inlet of fish tank pump. If you are using a filtration system . you may also putthecube at the later stage of the filtration before the water returns to the tanks. It helps lengthen the life of the cube while removing thecoloration . odors and toxic pollutants effectively.

  • Always place the cube with an orientation that allows water to flow freely along the micro-tunnels. Do not position thepurifier with opening facing downwardsto avoid any clog up andreduction in the filtration effect.

  • Depending on the water quality . you may takethe cubeout every several weeks for cleaning. Simply allow warm tap water to run through the cube for several minutes to rinse out impurities it absorbed. Replacethe cube after using two to three times.


Material: Activated carbon honeycomb
Size: 10*10*10 cm
Net weight: 200 g


    1 xAquarium Water Eco-purifier Cube


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