Auto Cut-off Fast Charging Nylon Cable – Delicate Lilac

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TheAuto Cut-off Fast Charging Nylon Cableis asmart cable designwhich has anauto cut-off functionwhen your phone is fully charged. With the flashing light reminder . you can notify the charging process and enhance charging safety.

The cable is made ofhigh quality nylon fabricthat protects the inner electric cords from anytearinganddamages. It is compatible for allApple . Android and Type-Cmobiles.


  • Smart Auto Cut-off: The electric flow will beautomatically cut-offwhen the phone isfully chargedtoavoid overheating problemand enhance charging safety.

  • Flashing Charging Light: There areflashing lights displaywhich act as a reminder to let younotice the battery level.

  • Fast Charging Technology:With the advancedcharging technology . you phone will be charged at afast and consistent ratewithoutharming your battery.

  • Durable Cotton Cord: The charging cable iscovered bya high qualitynylon fabricwhich isdurableandanti-tearto protect the cord from damages.

  • High Compatibility:Thecharging cord iscompatiblefor allApple . Android and Type-Cmobiles.

  • Wide Application:It is convenient andapplicable forphone charging and laptop charging.


  • Material: Nylon / Aluminium
  • Length: 1m
  • Compatibility: Apple / Android / Type-C
  • Color:Rose gold / Gold / Black / White


  • 1 xAuto Cut-off Fast Charging Nylon Cable


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