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Say goodbye to loose shoelaces!

OurAuto Tying Shoelaces save you fromfalls and injuries due toloose shoelaces .and you can stopsquattingdown tore-tye shoelaces . which may causedizziness . cramps . headache and other symptoms actually.

Designed withthe rotating spin buckle . simply twist for auto-lacing and secure knock instead of re-tying endlessly . and keeping your stops safe . comfortable andcarefree.

Crafted with ultra soft and light material . theshoelaces won’t add extra weight to your favorite shoes. The whole lacing system is sturdy and durable which is able to withstand more than 20kg tension.


  • Never Gets Loose :
    Easy to run . walk or jog with this magic shoelaces . avoidsfalls and injuries due to loose shoelaces

  • No More Re-tying :
    No need to squat down for tying shoelaces . which can cause cramps . dizziness and other conditions

  • Safe . Comfy & Carefree :
    Keeps the composure in your steps by wearing your favorite pumps

  • Rotating Automatic Spin Buckle :
    Simply twist to lock instead of re-tying endlessly

  • Adjustable Elasticity :
    Twist the spin buckle to adjust thetightness of the shoelaces as you want
  • Strong and Durable :
    Repeated drawing more than 4000 times; able to withstand more than
    20kg tension

  • Ultra Lightweight Sports Design :
    Made with comfortable and ultra light fiber . the shoelaces won’t add extra weight to your favorite shoes

  • Perfect for Active Lifestyle :
    You won’t be stopped again by accidents like trippingor squatting down just to tie shoelaces


  1. Install the shoelaces into your shoes like you would with a regular shoelace.
  2. Insert the shoelaces into the spin buckle.
  3. Adjust accordingly . and then cut the shoelaces to your desired length.
  4. Tie the ends of the shoelaces into a knot to serve as a stopper.
  5. Install the adhesive backing into the back of the buckle. Stick the buckle to your shoes . twist it to adjust the shoelaces . and then you’re good to go!


  • Material : High Strength Fiber
  • Shoelaces Length :1.5m
  • Buckle Color : Black . White
  • Shoelaces Color: Black . White . Grey . Black-White . Red . Blue . Yellow . Army Green


  • 2pc xRotating Spin Buckle
  • 2pc x Automatic Shoelaces


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