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Often get stuffy . sultry and stingy in your parked car on a hot day?? Can barely breathe or hold on burning the steering wheel? Want to save gas while keeping your car freshly cool . ventilated and odorless?

The Auto Cool Solar Powered Vent Cooler is a solar-powered fan that cools and freshens up the interior of your car.


  • Purifies air . draws cooler fresh air in and blows hot air out of parked car
  • Solar powered . no batteries needed
  • Reduces AC use and fuel consumption
  • Protects electric equipment from high temperature & eliminates odor of pet and tobacco
  • Easy to install and fits any car window


How It Works:

  • Just roll down your window . place the Auto Cool on it . and roll it back up.
  • The solar panels on the outside collect and use the sunlight to run the fan that’s on the inside.
  • Material: Plastic + Monocrystalline silicon
  • Power: 0.2W
  • Size: 14.8X11X6cm/5.8X4.3X2.4″ (Length X Width X Height)
  • Net Weight0.273kg/9.6oz

Package Included:
  • 1 X Car air vent
  • 1 X Strip
  • 1 X User manual in English
  • 1 X Package box

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