Automatic Ceramic Curling Roller – generatysa

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This revolutionary Automatic Hair Curler will have your hair in fun . flirty curls within minutes. Designed with quick heating ceramic plates . this Automatic Curler will reach temperatures up to 180??C . keeping the heat exactly where it needs to be . leaving you with salon-quality results in no time!

It uses advanced technology to ensure an effortless and tangle-free styling experience . making it simpler and quicker to curl your hair compared to traditional wands and blow-dryers. Once it’s in place . the curler will automatically draw the hair into its ceramic-lined chamber . where it holds strands in place until they’re heated through. It is equipped with a fully functional steam feature . and customized settings which allow you to adjust the temperature for quicker styling and enhanced control!

The curler comes with a brushless motor that makes the equipment light and efficient. This unique design has a longer engine life. It features 3 time settings i.e. 8s . 10s and 12s for wavy . large and tight curls.

Audio Beep Indicator
2.5 m swirel Cord
LED Switch


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