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Pumping toothpaste with just a push!
OurAutomatic Toothpaste Dispenser is a hands-free and hygienic tool tosqueeze out sufficient toothpaste without direct contact . which let youstay away from clutter and bacteria.

With the self-adhesive design . you can simply mount it to the wall for secure installation without drilling the wall . zero harm or damage is caused. Easy dissembling allows effortless cleaning andno residues will be left behind.
Made of 100% safe ABS that isnon-toxic and durable . together with the toothpaste holder . this set is a true space-saver to keep yourcounterclean and organized.


  • Hands-free Operation:
    Non-contact design to squeeze out toothpaste every time without contacting directly and hand squeezing. It keeps you away fromclutter and bacteria by making your daily tooth-brushing muchcleaner and healthier.
  • Precise Dispensing:
    With vacuum pump to squeeze outaccurate and sufficientamount of toothpaste you need. It allows your kids to dispense the toothpaste themselves . without making a mess of droppingtoothpaste.
  • Self-Adhesive Design:
    No nail . no adhesive . no trace. Comes with adhesive tape on the back so you cansimplymount iton the wallwithoutdrilling.
  • Hygienic & Tidy:
    Keep your counter neat & tidy . with the toothbrush holder you can hang up the brushes to keep them dry and clean.
  • No Mess . No Waste:
    Even kids can handle well when squeezing toothpaste tube. Besides . this device able to squeeze the last drop of toothpaste in tube . no more waste.
  • Easy To Clean:
    Made of non-toxic and durable ABS . you can disassemble the structure of the producteffortlessly and wash or clean it directly . making it more convenient and hygienic.
  • Universal Fit:
    Compatible withall toothpastetubes in the market! Simply place the tube in it and you’re good to go.


  1. Clean and dry the wall.
  2. Rip off the protective film of the adhesive.
  3. Stick to the wall and vent the air.
  4. Place toothpaste tube.
  5. Squeeze itto vent the air for the first usage.
  6. Please use it after 24 hours of installation.


  • Material: Non-toxic ABS
  • Color: White . Red
  • Dimension: 16*6.7*6cm
  • Weight: 125g


  • 1pc xAutomatic Toothpaste Dispenser
  • 1pc x Toothbrush holder


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