Pet Teeth Cleaning Ball – lesteren


4 out of 5 dogssuffer fromoral diseasesby theage of 3.

ThisPet Teeth Cleaning Ballpreventsyour furry friend frompainful teethinflammationlike Gingivitis!

Very simpleto use and your dog will love it withtreats inside.

  • Safe & non-toxic.Made from natural rubber that does not contain any petroleum . heavy metals or cancer triggering chemicals.
  • Interactive toy allows you to insert snacks in topromote chewing.
  • 2-sided bristle line cleans dogs’ teeth down to the gum linepreventing plaqueandtartar build-up.
  • Keeps dogs’breath fresh.
  • Suitable for dogs and cats.
  • Easy to clean with soap and water.

  • Package Includes: 1 x Pet Teeth Cleaning Ball
  • Diameter: Small: 5 cm . Lagre:7 cm
  • weight:Small: 59 g . Lagre:143 g


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