Vitamin C Enriched Aromatic Therapy 3 in 1 Shower Filter – starrypiglet

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Begin with a wonderful day or after a busy day . what we need is taking a Relaxing Bath.Beauty & Healthy 2 in 1 Perfume Water Filterlet you enjoy a comfortableAromatic Skin Therapy Treatment.

The New Technology of Infusing Aroma and Vitamin C into gel provides a Great Step-up To your Bathing Experience! When you take shower . a certain quantity of the gel dissolves in water. The water rich in Vitamin C and Aroma is great at:

Vitamin CBrighten and Revitalise Your Skin . RemoveDark Spots and Age Spots and Hyperpigmentation

Aromatic Therapy Relieve Stress and Fatigue . Improves Sleeping Quality

It also Removes Chlorine from water. Chlorine can cause Skin Allergies and Damages your hair.


1. Aroma helps toRelieve Fatigue and Stress . Relaxes your Body and Mind

2. Add Snail extract . Milk . Vitamin C toDecrease Skin Problemand haveAnti-Aging Effecton the skin.

3. ImprovesSkin Texture . providesMoisturizing

4.Food Grade Natural Materialsthat are Safe and Healthy to human body

5.Easy to install in 2 minutes . no tools are required.

6 .Blocking Pollutants and ChlorineEffectively

7. can UseUp to 60 Days for 4 people


4 Natural Aroma – Rose . Mint . Lavender . Lemon

Rose:Anti-Aging . Stress Release . Good Quality of Sleeping

Mint:Stress Release . Grease Balance . Refreshing . Deodorising . Deworming

Lavender:Deworming . Deep Cleaning . Good Quality of Sleeping

Lemon:Anti-Aging . Refreshing . Anti-Inflammatory . Improve Immune System

Package Includes

1 PC X Beauty & Healthy 2 in 1 Perfume Water Filter


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