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Old tile leveling system isn’t environmentally enough . well we came up with the new tile leveling system that can be reused! Introducing theReusable Tile Leveling System . the tile leveling system that improves tile installation speed and reduce installer fatigueor stress.By using this leveling system .

the tiles are virtually flawless and thesurface drastically flat! You can eliminate or reduce the need for grinding and polishing tiles.Besides that .Reusable Tile Leveling Systemprevent tiles from moving while curing and most importantly . it is reusable!


  1. Lay the first piece of tile . leave the seam to be ??2mm or above.
  2. Insert the T-pin along the crack . then rotate it 90 degrees . clamp the T-pin at the bottom of the two bricks and tighten the adjusting cover so that the two tiles are on the same level.
  3. Before the cement or tile glue has completely dried up (usually no more than 6 hours) . untighten the adjusting cover in the opposite direction . then rotate the T-pin 90 degrees so that the T-pin turns to a zigzag parallel to the tile and remove the leveler.
  4. Clean and dry the leveler and it is ready for reuse.


    50pcs x Tile levelers
    1pcs x Special wrench

    • Wear-resistant . resuable. Easy to use for DIY operation.
    • Keep the tile balance on the same horizontal position.
    • Improve tile installation speed. Reduce installer fatigue/stress.
    • Virtually lippage free . flat surface drastically.
    • Reduces the need for grinding and polishing.Prevents tiles from moving while curing.

    Using Tips:

    1. About 5-6 hours after leveling . Before cement/adhesive is completely dry . rotate caps in the reverse direction . remove 180?? T-needle until the word . take out.
    2. Paving the first tile . leave more than 2mm (use with cross spacer). Close to the tiles.
    3. Insert T-shaped needle along the gap in the tile.
    4. Then 180 degree rotation .T-shaped needle stuck at the bottom of the two tiles.
    5. Adjust the caps with your hand/special wrench until the two tiles are on the same level.


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