(Buy 1 Get 1 – 50% OFF) Pet Molar Bite Toy – GetTheGarlic


  • Play by dog itself
  • Clean teethandenhance bite force
  • Flexible & No harm to the dog
  • Enhance intelligence and affection
  • Resistant to bite andlasting value
  • TPR material issafer
  • Protecting household items

??Multi-function??It is moreflexible . enhances the bite force of pets . prevents dental diseases and cleans the mouth.The most important thing is toprovide you with your private time.

??Environmentally Friendly Materials??Safe TPR materials.All are made up ofsafe and environmentally friendly polymer materialsto solve the problem ofbiting things and screaming.

??Composition??It consists ofa suction cup and a bouncy ballof polymer material . which can generate huge force on the floor or glass.The sturdy ropeis made of high-density material thatwon’t break and hurt your dog.


  • 1xMultifunction Pet Molar Bite Toy


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