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  • Wash 2-4 pieces of clothes . please put 2 Filter Net Bag.
  • Wash 5-7 pieces of clothing . please put 3 Filter Net Bag.
  • Wash 8-10 pieces of clothing . please put 4 Filter Net Bag.

Easy to use and clean . great ideal for home accessory

Suitable for small portable washers and you are having problems with lint

  • Recommended to use more than twobags once

Material:Polyester + PP . It’s easy to clean and floats right on top of the washing machine

High-quality tapered mesh bag . fine mesh . polyester material . durable.Let sundries . debris . hair . have nowhere to escape.

They canabsorb the hair .sundries . and debris into the netto make your clothes cleaner when washing clothes by machines

Reduce the tendency of cloggingby having an additional layer of filter to existing built-in ones and protects your expensive washing machines from unwanted breakdowns.

It floats right on top of the clothes .will not damage clothing.

  • They are good quality and reusable.

The Hair Filter Net designed with buckle design .easy to open it and clean the debris


  1. Throw it in the washer
  2. It floats on the water while the washer is working
  3. After washing the clothes . look at the filter bag
  4. Cleaning debris

You can alsoput the washing powder into the mesh filter bag . make it released slowly when washing clothes .make clothing cleanerbutdo not damage clothing


Floating Part: 6.5 ?? 4.5cm(2.5in*1.7in)

Polyester: 14 cm(5.5in)

Product details

    • Material:PP polyester
    • Application:Pulsator washing machine
    • Feature:Convenient . Efficient
    • Color:Blue .Pink


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