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The Best Cutting Tool For Christmas!
Our Creative Wrapping Paper Cutteris fitted with a small blade that lets you achieve perfectly straight cuts simply by sliding the device across the roll of paper.
It helps avoid uneven and jagged edges so that you can streamline the gift wrapping process.
It makes cutting wrapping paper easy and makes a monotonous task fun.
Simply put . this is the best way to cut wrapping paper.

  1. Slide the cutter over the wrapping paper.
  2. Pull a sheet of paper through the larger slot in the device.
  3. Once the sheet of paper is the desired length . slide thecutter to the end of the roll allowing the paper to drop into the slot where the blade is embedded.
  4. Now gently push the cutter forward to cleanly cut the paper.
  5. Once the slice is complete . simply bring it back to the center of the wrapping paper.
  • Size: 100mm x 60
  • Color: Green . Black . White


  • 1pc xCreative Wrapping Paper Cutter


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