Crochet Hooks Lite – Crochet Lite Hooks Set – PropelGear

$28.02 $26.02

Crochet in dimly lit spaces.

Great for crocheting with dark colored yarn. CROCHET ANYWHERE – Even in the dark!!!

Each Crochet Hook has its own battery installed.

8 Crochet Lite hooks.

Crochet size: 2.5 mm/0.09 inch . 3.0 mm/0.11 inch; 3.5 mm/0.13 inch; 4.0 mm/0.15 inch; 4.5 mm/0.17 inch; 5 mm/0.19 inch; 5.5 mm/0.21 inch; 6 mm/0.23 inch;

Package included: 8 crochet hooks


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