Kitchen Cut Resistant Gloves – Quality Grabber

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We’ve all done it . right? All you wanted was some sliced tomato with your sandwich and all of a sudden . you’re treating your finger for a pretty . nasty cut! Well . now you can keep your hands protected from cuts and abrasions caused by knives . glass . sharp metals and even wood carving and whittling . with these KitchenCut Resistant Gloves. Made with an interlocking . food-grade fiber mesh . these protective gloves offer consistent protection from cuts in a variety of work conditions.

Comfortable to wear and extremely flexible and durable . the thick fiber material protects your hands from cuts . while maintaining breathability and soft-textile dexterity . making it easy to handle small objects or perform tasks that require a firm grip.

These gloves are ideal for use in the kitchen while food prepping and processing. Dice and chop vegetables and fruits with a mandolin or knife . shuck oysters . fillet fish . grate cheese and tackle general yard work . without fear of injury.

Clean up is easy . as these gloves are machine washable for ideal sanitation standards.

Gloves are not intended to protect against puncture wounds!


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