Dazzling Starry Silk Fiber Mascara – DearSnowdrop

$29.99 $12.97

Getunbelievablelonger .bolder .sexier eyelashes& uplift your eyelash game with our Dazzling Starry Silk FiberEyelash Mascara!

The bristles grip your lashes right at the root . you will seeanincrease in average length and volumewith thefirst coat.Keep going andwatch your lashes get500% longer!

Whether you’re feelingsubtle or sassy .defiant or classy . our mascara willhelp you go wherever your mood takes you.

Also . ourWaterproof and Stronghold Long-Lasting Formula .which makes your continuously flawless look wearsup to 24 hours.No mess . No Clump . and No Residue. Say No To Raccoon Eyes!


  • Provides volume . separation . and length. The brush bristles are spaced evenly to help separate for longer-looking lashes.
  • Dries quicklyfor a clean and clear application.No mess . No Clump . and No Residue.

  • Waterproof and Stronghold Long-Lasting Formula– continuously flawless look that wearsup to 24 hours

  • Smudge ResistantClump-free formula that wears all day… Say No To Raccoon Eyes!

  • No glue . hypoallergenic and non-irritating ingredientswhich haveno harm to your skin.

  • Simple removal ?C Wash off easily with warm water or facial cleanser

  • Suitable for all skin types


  • 1pc x Dazzling Starry Silk Fiber Mascara


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