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Save yourself from going to nail salons and create your very own designs!Never catching the nail salon open due to your busy schedule? No need to worry as you can now create beautifully designed nails on your own with the Deluxe Metallic Art Pen!The Deluxe Metallic Art Pen is specially made to create beautiful nail designs even at home. It creates a perfect artwork and nail decoration by drawing lines and patterns. No glue needed . just release balls on the nail polish before drying.You no longer need the tweezers to put on beads. Basically . create anything that you can think of!FEATURES:Precise Application:Precisely apply metal beads to your nails without needing tweezers.Easy Press:Apply one silver or gold ball per press.Fit On Any Types:Can use it on different kind of polish . even in gel nails strips.Perfect Nail Art:Just press the button and the metal beads will be out to decorate your nails.Long Lasting: Made of high-quality materials that are free of deformation and corrosion for longer use.HOW TO USE:Simply press the pen to release the metallic balls on the nail polish before drying.


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