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The Dent Lifter is designed to remove car dents and hail damage. Equipped with5 different puller rubber tabs for different shapes dents. Itdoes not damage the original paint . you can repair dent from car body easily Anytime or Anywhere by yourself. The dent lift have a soft silicone bottom . is designed to protect the area around dents from paint removing. Get rid of ugly look . your car can be seamless and neat again. Ensure car or metal surface is smooth. NOTE:The Hot glue gun and glue sticks is not included.

  • Easy to control . suitable for any person to operate.
  • Works Great on Smaller Door Dings & Hail damage.
  • Suitable for the surface of all kinds of cars . metal plate etc.
  • Baking-varnish-free dent repair . leaving no scratch or damage to your car body.
  • Made of high quality aluminum alloy stainless steel material . and rubber . heavy duty and durable.


How to use:

  1. Clean the sag port of car body
  2. Choose suitable mat
  3. Apply hot glue to the mat
  4. Chill for 5-8 minutes after Clicking on the sag port of car body
  5. Then use the puller to repair sag port
  6. Clean the hot glue.(Using alcohol . gasoline . kerosene)

Blue Plastic Glue Puller Tabs:

  • Q-29A: Oval glue tab with indented circles . 40mm x 24mm.
  • Q-29B: Oval glue tab with indented circles . 30mm x 20mm.
  • Q-29C: Circle glue tab with indented circles . 25mm diameter.
  • Q-29D: Circle glue tab with indented circles . 20mm diameter.
  • Q-29E: Circle glue tab with indented circles . 15mm diameter.

Packing:1pcsDent Lifter + 5pcs Tabs.


  • Glue gun is NOT included in this PDR kit.
  • Do NOT use this dent removal kit if your car paint has already been damaged.
  • DO NOT let the glue harden completely. Pull the dent while the glue is still slightly soft and viscous.
  • As you pull the dent you should see the glue stretch slightly . and there will be a distinctive metal popping sound if you do it properly.


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