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Sani sticks willdissolve .When you smell something bad . put one in.

It is made by enzymes and has no environmentally unfriendlyingredients.

  • Dropan insert down the draineach month
  • Prevent smelly pipes;stop odorat its source
  • Breaks downand digests organic deposits andgrease buildup
  • Made of100% powerful enzymesto keep your kitchen . bathroom . and utility drains clear of buildup and odor
  • Safefor plumbing and septic tanks
  • 12 Sani sticks per pack!


SANI STICKS rest in the pipe trap & slow-release a concentrated blend of enzymes that stop backups . clog & odors.

Instantly turn grease away and stop greasy buildup that clogs drains.


  • 12 sticks per pack
  • Size:11.7 X 14 cm
  • Eliminate embarrassing odors from drains and prevent clogged sinks
  • Save money on plumbers and drain snakes as powerful enzymes break down oil and grease to keep drains free and clear.
  • Deodorizer and cleaners are thin . round and only 6.3 inches long and 100 percent safe for plumbing and septic tanks with no toxic chemicals.
  • Avoid embarrassing smells and nasty water buildup in sinks and showers with just 3-5 Sani Stick per month.
  • Keep your drains clean and odor-free . all year long with Sani Sticks as part of your cleaning supplies.
  • Scent: Blue- Unscented . Yellow-Lemon . Orange – Orange . Purple – Lavender.


  • Simply put into the sewer . special volume decomposition of stains to smell.
  • Use one per month for each location . 1 pack keeps it clean and fresh for a year.
  • Wash hands after use.


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