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No more slipping heels

OurDetachable Shoe Ankle Straps not just bring style to any loose fitting shoes . but also make your every step secure . while granting all-day wear comfort.
Designed with easy installation . simplysnap it on .buckle upand everything’s ready! It instantlyadds new life toyour shoes with style and elegance while ensuring they fit you perfectly.

Comes with a variety of colorsfor you to choose from . it easily fits in any monotonous high heels . includingstilettos . pumps . kitten heels and more . forevery fashion style.

  • Secure Fit With Comfort:
    No more feet slipping or popping out of loose fitting heels . makes your every step safe and secure . while giving you comfort for whole daywearing.

  • Elegant& Stylish:
    Adds new life to your monotonous high heels with exquisitecolored straps . making your shoes more glamorous.

  • Premium Quality:
    Made of top-quality leather-like PP material . stainless steel buckles . wear-resistant & elastic with high durability.
  • Easy Installation:
    Simplysnap it on under the heels . buckle up and you are good to go!
  • 12 Color Style:
    Comes with avariety of colorsfor you to choose from .fits inall kinds ofhigh heels . includingstilettos . pumps . kitten heels and more.


  • Dimension: 20.5 x 1 x 0.15 cm
  • Colors: Mirror Black . Suede Black . Matt Black . Mirror White . Pink . Gold . Silver . Red . Rose Red . Beige . Gray . Transparent
  • Weight: 21 g


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