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Trying to quit smoking but not ready to give up your cigarettes yet?

OurDisposable Cigarette Filtereffectivelyremoves 90% of harmful tar andnicotine from cigarette smoke without changing the original taste of it.

Have a puff in aless hazardous way . itworks byadvanced micro-filtrationgood for up to 2-3 cigarettes .eliminatingtheaccumulation of the heaviest carcinogenic chemicals .with noharmon human health.
Instantly and visibly trappingtar in the filter . regular use of 2 weekshas proven results of reduced coughing . shortness of breath . sore throat . excess mucuswhich causesinfections.
Protect your lungsand respiratory system .and tryquit smoking now .never again smoke a cigarette without one of the filters!


  • Instantly andvisiblyclearstobacco and tar accumulation

  • Prohibitsand deactivatestoxic andcarcinogenicchemicals

  • Anti-nicotine additionhelp cigarette withdrawal

  • Advancedmicro-filtrationimpingement barrier

  • Reducescoughing . mucus andirritationon throat
  • Coats and protects yourlungsand airwaysby lowering toxins absorption
  • Preventsbronchitis . chronic pneumonia or tumor-relateddiseases
  • Minimizes stains on teeth and fingers

  • Hassle-free??just use and toss

  • Wide mouthpiece??Fits all standard sized cigarette brands


  • Material: Acrylic
  • Type: Disposable
  • Quantity: 100pcs / box
  • Length: 30mm . Diameter: 10mm


  • 100 pcs xDisposable Cigarette Filtering Holder


  1. The clear mouthpiece allows you to see when you need to change filters; recommended usage of 2-3 cigarettes per filter.
  2. Seeing exactly how much tar is removed from your cigarette smoke will help you understand theimportance of using the filtering holder.


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