Disposable Hair Catcher Sheet (15pc/set) – DearSnowdrop

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Is fallen hair clogging sink and shower drain pipes?
Protect your drain with Disposable Hair Catcher Sheet . an innovative way to keep hair out of your drain. It can fit directly into your drain and collect hair around it.
Just STICK them to TRAP hair andPEEL AWAY to throw dirty ones after use.
  • Keeps your drain from being clogged
  • Self-adhesive Design – Easy to peel and stick traps

  • Effective and sanitary way to remove unwanted from drains

  • Fit most drains. Diameter: 10cm
  • One other note: just because these are “disposable” doesn’t mean you have to dispose of them every time you shower. They are resilient . easy to clean off . and you need only change them if they become extremely soiled over time


  • Simply peel the protected paper and stick the non-woven fabric part and cover up drains in the bathtub . shower . kitchen sink . and laundry sink


  • Size: 10cm Diameter
  • Color: White
  • Quantity: 15pc/set


  • 1 set xDisposable Hair Catcher Sheet


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