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    Wanna make your rims look brand new?
    The DIY Alloy Wheel Repair Kit instantlyfixes curb damage . scratches . slight dents . installation damages . sanding marks and any possible damage of alloy wheels .synthetic wheels . steel rims . hubcaps and more. It saves you car repairing costs –no extra tools required!No need to wait for a long timeto fix your rims and no need to spend a lot of money for repair!


    • REPAIR ANY FLAW ON CAR WHEELS– Designed torepair minor damagesrangingfrom scuffs to scratches and dents to curb rash.
    • INVISIBLE– Utilizes paint thatperfectly matches the paint on most alloy wheelsfor aflawless-looking job.
    • ALL-IN-ONE TOOL KITNo additional tools or materials required. The Alloy Wheel Repair Kit filler adhesivecures in just 5 minutesandthe alloy wheel paint dries in an hour! This kit willwork on any type of wheelthat has an alloy or steel surface andincludes everything you needto fix those scuffs and scratches.
    • HEAT-RESISTANT– Proper repairs areable to withstand car washesand areresistant to both vibration and heat up to 266??F.
    • UNIVERSALWorks for alloy wheels or steel wheelsandcan be used for hubcaps.


    1. Clean the damaged alloy wheel with an Alcohol prep pad.
    2. Confirm the repair area. If it is slightly damaged . use wet sandpaper to accommodate the outlines to the repaired surface and lacquer repair area with alloy silver.
    3. If the damaged area is large or with dents . use the repair adhesive. Press out the needed repair adhesive to a mat. Mix 2 components to a consistent grey mass with spatula provided (Finish the mixing within 2-4mins)
    4. Fill with the mixed adhesive to overflow the damaged area. Dry for 15 mins.
    5. Use wet sandpaper to accommodate the outlines to repaired surfaces. Please repeat steps 3 and 4 if needed.
    6. Clean the repair area and apply a thin layer of lacquer by brush.
    7. Leave it at least 12 hours before using the car and full cure takes ~3 days.


    • Item Volume:6ML


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