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Add bling to your everyday life with a brand-new hair tool??

DIY BlingBling Styling Tool Diamond Sticker Set is a safe and easy-to-use styling tool that quickly adds a bit of bling to your hair . fashions . and accessories.


Create patterns on your hair or just place them randomly anywhere.

Easy to Use:Safe and easy to use . although it’s geared for children 6 and up . even younger children will be able to function the tool.

Works with all hair types and sticks to most materials.

Best gift: This is the best gift. Be creative. It is a styling tool that allows girls to DIY and create different lives. Make everything sparkle.

While this sticks on very well . it comes off when brushed or combed off without a problem. The beads won’t leave a sticky residue that traps dust and dirt. No hair damages!

Prettify not just your hairstyle because you can add these sparklies to your accessories too like your purse . bags or shoes!

Let you complete various DIY artworks!!


  • The package includes: 1 styling tool + 180 self-adhesive gems (12 pieces . many colors . and sizes to choose from: pink . blue . purple and transparent.)
  • You can buy more bling discsseparately and this can also be a fun arts and crafts tool for customizing your own gear.
  • Size:

Operation instructions??

  • To begin . you need to start by adding one of the discs into the BlingBling Styling Tool. Release the stretchy band from around the bottom of the BlingBling Styling Tool. Press down on the tab located in the front center of the carousel and pull up at the same time. Insert the disc one at a time with the gems facing upward onto the pegs inside the carousel. Gems should be located in the center of each hole. Once done press only the clear cover on top.

Tip:Make sure that when you load the Blinger . the gems are facing up . and that when you lock them into place . you simply close the cover instead of pressing down on the whole tool.

100% brand new and high quality
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