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Craft yourone & only artwork!!

OurDIY Mandala Dotting Tools Kitis acomplete collection for creatingstunning dotted Mandala art for rock painting . nail art or decoration . painting dots patterns and any other craft works.

Comes with afull range ofembellishment . including painting brush .double-end ball stylus and dotting tool .this kit’s painting toolsare in precision cutting . lightweight and sturdy . making iteasy to use on various surfaces . including rocks . canvas . clothes . paper and more.
Simplyfollow the outlineofthe stencils .thenexpress yourcreative imaginationbytrying different Mandala patterns. With the use ofdifferent sizes of painting tools . everyone can create beautiful .colorful-vibrant dottedart projects.

  • DIY with Fun :
    A complete collection for beginners that contains a full range of embellishment to finishany Mandala art projects.

  • UniqueArtistic Creations :
    With a total of 15 dotting tools and brushes in precision cutting . this kit is perfect for dot painting or creating mandala art on rocks . paper . stretched canvas or many other surfaces to create beautiful art.

  • Wide Application:
    Perfect for rock painting . nail art or decoration . make dots patterns and any other craft works.

  • Double-End Dotting Tools:
    Specially designed tips create walking the dots effect and work great for dragging dots effect. The larger the dot size . the simplerthe dotting process.

  • Easy to Use :
    Simply follow the outline of the stencils . then express your creative imagination by trying different Mandala patterns with a various sizes of painting tools.
  • Sturdy &Lightweight :
    Made of top-qualityacrylic and stainless steelto ensure long service life . the material is also super lightweight that allows you to paint dots for hours.You’ll not get tired easily because there is no fatigue from heavy tools.

  • Safe for Everyone:
    No sharp edges to cut yourself with . even for beginners or kids.

  • Easy To Clean:
    Can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth or paper towel for long-term reuse .simple and convenient.


  • Material:Acrylic (Dotting Tool Handle) . Wood (Brush) . Stainless Steel (Ball Stylus)


  • 1 pc x Palette
  • 4 pcs x Mandala Stencils
  • 4 pcs xDouble-End Ball Stylus
  • 5 pcs xDouble-End Dotting Tool
  • 6 pcs x Painting Brush


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