Dog Suction Cup Toy – Goods Must Buy


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Powerful suction- The extra-strong suction cup will hold fast to floors . walls . just about any smooth surfaces. When your dog pulls on this toy . it won’t let go!
Teeth Cleaning- This awesome toy literally cleans your dog’s teeth while he chew’s on it. It’s like bringing your pup to the dentist . and he doesn’t even know it! How cool is that?
Incredibly Durable- Extremely tough . this toy won’t break . snap . or unravel and it doesn’t matter how hard your pup pulls . or how sharp his teeth are . it’s been made to last!
Non-Toxic- No harmful chemicals to make your pup sick! This toy contains no toxins . chemicals or anything else that you wouldn’t want your furbaby to play with!
Diverting Entertainment- Whether your pup is rough while playing or just chews on things because he’s teething . this entertaining toy will help him exert his energy on something other than your furniture . shoes . or clothing.


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