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Clean Your Dog’s Teeth While They Play!

85% of dogs developgum disease by age 3 because of improper care. The Dog Teeth Cleaning Ballis effective at cleaning any dog’s teeth and gums while keeping thementertained for hours.

We understand how hectic life can be . which is why we made cleaning your dog’s teeth easy and hassle-free. Just fill the ballwith treats and forget thetedious hassle of manual brushing!

The dogfood ball isdurable . non-toxic .and farmore effective than any other dog toothbrush toy. Excellent teething toy forpuppies and older dogs!

Occupy your fur kids for hours with the best dog ball of the year. Try the DogTeeth Cleaning Ball and take control of your dog’s oral healthtoday!

Use Any Of YourDog’s Favorite Treats!

Dry Food

AnySmall Dog Treats

Peanut Butter

String Cheese

Chopped Carrots

Green Beans


Ball Size- 5cm/7cm


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