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This Doggy Bottle is a portable water bottle that makes it easy to quench your dog’s thirst with clean and fresh water during long walks . car travel . at the dog park or anywhere you and your furry friend go.

The special bottle has a wide-mouth bowl that’s perfect for pets to drink out of. The water is stored in the bottle and can pass back and forth from the bowl so you won’t ever waste any. It’s also leak proofand perfect for the purse or backpack.


  • DESIGN:The unique curve design provides a naturalfeel for your dog so that they will easily drink from it even if they prefer drinking from the ground. The large trough provides a perfect drinkingexperience foryour dog. The bottles smart design ensures you won’t waste anywater that is left in the troughbecause it retracts back into the bottle with a click of a button.
  • LEAKPROOF:Whetheryougo for a walk .handle errands . or run with your dog . you won’t have to worry about water spillage as the design is scientifically engineered.
  • LOCK-MODE:With a press of a button you can lock the bottle so that water doesn’t accidentallyspill out. You can drop the bottle in your backpack/purse- worry free!
  • PORTABLE:Fits perfectly in one of your hands. We’ve found that dog walkers . runners . and hikers love this bottle when there is no fresh water around.


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