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Our new and improved Double Head Sheet Nibbler Metal Cutteris the perfect drill attachment to have handy in any cutting situation!Just attach to your drill and cut through anything instantly!


  • POWERED BY YOUR DRILL – No additional power source needed.
  • DOUBLE HEADED CUTTER – Two-sided cutter with a secure handle.
  • LIGHT & COMPACT – Fits nicely in the corner of your toolbox.
  • 360 DEGREE ROTATION – Adjusts to any cutting angle and any shape.
  • HEAVY DUTY – Built to last a lifetime with low maintenance.
  • VERY QUICK – Averages 3 meters per minute with 3 .000 RPM.
  • PRECISION CUTTING – Does not leave any burs or distortion on your cutting edges.


  • CUTTING THICKNESS – Cuts material up to 2mm thick.
  • CUTTING SHAPES – Cuts corrugated . round . and complex shapes to a 12mm radius.

12 GAUGE – Copper . brass . aluminum.

14 GAUGE – Mild steel.

18 GAUGE – Stainless steel.

  • OTHER MATERIAL – Fiberglass . plexiglass . wood . vinyl . laminate . plastic . gutters . tiles . flooring . frames . studs . pipes and many other materials.

Package Includes:

1xDomom Double Head Sheet Nibbler Metal Cutter


  1. Remember to clean the hole after using!
  2. Its appearance is mirror-finished
Brand Warranty Policy And Customer Assurance – 100% Customer Satisfaction GUARANTEED refund for 60 days if the product is not as described or if there are any quality issues!


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