Double Eyelid Overnight Mask – DearSnowdrop

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Havebeautiful eyelidsin a matter of night without the expensive price tag . pain and risks of surgery!

OurDouble Eyelid Overnight Maskcleverly take off years off your face making you look refreshed . awake . vibrant . and youthful! EFFECTIVE while you sleep! Just go to bed and double eyelid was formed when you wake up.

Safe to leave on all night while you sleep.
Non-alcoholic and contain no latex
Gentle on your sensitive skin.
Filled with hyaluronic acid and collagen
Make your eyes hydrated and more youthful.
  1. Spread the cream over your eyelid.
  2. Create a fold on your eyelid for the double eyelid appearance and adhere the patch.
  3. Sleep for a distinct eyelid line. While asleep . the cream will set to establish the double eyelid.


  • Net Weight : 35g


  • 1pc xDouble Eyelid Overnight Mask


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