MAX Drain Foaming Clog Remover – starrypiglet

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No More Stopped . Slow
Or Stinking Drains! MAXDrain Foaming Clog Remover powerfully foams away tough grungeand foul odors . while preserving your pipes.

Forget the dirty work of plunging clogged toilets!

Deep cleaning & ultra thick foam detaches sticky blocks& removes the clogging substances without using harsh & toxic chemicals.

The strong foaming action strips away food particles . grease and odors . leaving your pipes odor-free.


  • Powerfuleffervescing &cleaning agents
  • Clears Grease .Hair . Soap Scum . Food & Organic Build up!
  • Effervescent Technology to remove stubborn clogs
  • Long term cleaning effect by DigestiveEnzymeclungto pipe wall

  • Sterilizes& deodorizesthe bacteria causing odor
  • Bleach free & no damageto pipes
  • Applicable for drain outlet of kitchen . bath . washroom


  • NET WEIGHT: 30g X 3packs


  1. Pour 1 pack to drain outlet of sinks . tubs . or showers
  2. Slowly add hot water
  3. Strong foaming reaction will clear clogs & grunge
  4. Letstand for at least 3 hours andflush with plenty of water


  • 3packs XDrain Clog Foaming Remover
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