Mini Lathe Machine – Quality Grabber

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Enhance your crafting skills withthe Mini Lathe Machine without buying bulky and expensive Lathe/CNC machines. It is a portable Mini Lathe perfect for cutting . engraving . milling . grinding . polishing . cleaning . drilling and more . all in the comfort of your home.

TheMini Lathe Machinesimulates and simplifies the working of large lathe machines and allows you to work on materials like wood . stone . peach kernel . eggs . handicrafts . glass . ceramics . etc.

Equipped with a large torque ball bearing motor . it provides low-noise operation with high-precision and stability due to its compact size. Ideal for any DIY enthusiast or hobby crafter . it can also be used by professional craftsmen and wood artists.

So . don’t limit your creativity and sharpen your DIY skills at home with the Mini Lathe Machine.


  • Compact and Portable:Small and compact .theMini Lathe Machine can be easily carried in a bag or tool kit . making it a portable lathe machine. Being less than 2 kgs in weight . it is also very light.
  • Easy Installation:This small lathe machine is very easy to install and operate. Just set it up on a desk . connect the power supply cable . turn on the switch and get to work. The drill chuck is made with pure steel and can hold onto anything while you craft!

  • Multi-Functional:Give wings to your creativity and makeanything like buddha beads for jewelry . miniature wooden models . home accessories . chess pieces . etc. using its 6 carving blades. The possibilities are endless.

  • Multiple Speed Levels:With 7 different speed levels to choose from . usingtheMini Lathe Machine is a piece of cake. The lowest speed level rotates the device at 4000 rpm which goes up to 8000 rpm as we increase the speed.

  • Convection Cooling Vents:To work smoothly for longer hours .theMini Lathe Machine is equipped with several ventilation holes on the sides. This way . the heat is not accumulated inside the motor chamber and the device can be used for a longer period.
  • Premium Quality:Made with Stainless Steel . Aluminum Alloy and Acrylic .this metal latheensures strength and durability. The base is made with high-strength aluminum alloy while the motor is protected by acrylic material. All the wire joints are safely heat wrapped to prevent any malfunction.


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