LED Folding Walking Stick – Safety Walking Cane – Quality Grabber

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Canes are incredibly useful for people with limited mobility because they help you access areas and longer distances you would otherwise be unable to walk. If you have pain or stiffness . you know that a cane is the best way to ensure you do not suffer from any falls or inactivity. If the pain is an issue for you . not using a cane could be harmful and aggravate your symptoms by causing slipped discs or arthritis.

ThisFoldable LED Light Safety Walking Caneis great for someone who may not need a cane everywhere but wants to have it when they need it. If you are traveling . you can bring the cane with you in a bag and if bring it out when you’re getting tired and begin to need it.

This cane also pivots and flexes quite a bit at the base . which allows you to move around easier without having to lift the cane to move around constantly. Because of the quad-point base on this cane . it stands on its own . so you do not have to worry about it tipping over and having to bend over to get it. The rubber tips are also slip-resistant and absorb shocks to remove pressure from your arms and wrists.

One of the most helpful features of this Cane is that it comes with a LED light. That can be useful in emergency situations or if walking in low light areas.


  • Versatile easily folded for convenient storage and extended to locking position. Height adjustments
  • Folding cane Stands up on its own. Provides maximum safety and endurance while remaining lightweight
  • Non-slip T handle with LED light can directly point forward 20 meters.
  • Freely adjust to different illumination angles . usually used in night or dark environment.
  • Handle with a sponge cushion . decrease the hand pressure.
  • Made of Aluminum alloy . a stable pivoting quad base can ensure your safety and stability whatever angle.


  • Material: Aluminum alloy
  • Color: Black
  • Length: 83-93cm
  • Folding size: 29*17cm
  • Diameter: 2cm
  • Adjustable height: 82-93.5cm
  • Handle length: 17.5cm
  • Base size: 9.5cm
  • LED brightness: 55-65W
  • Suitable height rang:150-190cm
  • Weight support:100-120kg


  • 1 xLED Folding Walking Stick

Why Buy This Product? The Benefits:

  1. Solid and durable design
  2. Multi-functional can also be used as a trekking pole
  3. Non-slip bottom
  4. Rubber bottom absorbs shock
  5. Adjustable and collapsible to travel with
  6. Can be taken out whenever it’s needed
  7. Comes with a light attached
  8. Folds up in seconds . lightweight folds small so it fits in your handbag.
  9. It is the fully adjustable length . suitable for most human height.


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