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Don’t wanna stop the game when you’re in knee injury?
Our innovativeFull Movement Waterproof Knee Brace isnon-metal orthosis in ergonomicdesign which puts pressure on all three planes of motion .and provides ultimate protection and support for your knee during sport or knee recovery.
Unlikeordinary metal knee bracesthat restrict movement and encounter pain points . this newly designed orthosis works by decelerating rather than inhibiting your natural . full range of motion and offers a minimalist . supportive solution for athletes . professionals or every day support . let you stay active yet feeling un-restrained.
Craved with 100% hydrophobic silicone rubber . it provides functional support for both land and water sport activities . while in strong sweat-wicking and anti-bacterialability. Storing energy as it flexes . it returns your knee to a more natural position at the end of your range of motion for stabilization.
  • Dynamic & Flexible Knee Support :
    Keeps your knee joints in a more natural state to respond from extreme ranges of movement

  • Ultimate Protection & Powering :
    Supports the underlying connective tissue structures of your knee

  • 100% Natural Silicone Rubber :
    Non-metal . premium rubber in high elasticity and durability with long serving life

  • Waterproof .Sweat-wicking & Anti-bacterial :
    Perfect for both land and water athletes; also helps wick away sweat while keeping your muscles warm when exercising
  • Full Range of Movement:
    Decelerates rather than restrict movement all the timelike traditional metal knee braces
  • Super Energy Storage :
    Stretches and lengthens as your body leaves a loaded position; guides the joint back into a resting position
  • Secure & Stays in Place :
    Ergonomicdesign which fits your knee perfectly with all-day comfort
  • Speedy Recovery of Knee Injury :
    Extra support from triplane control design
  • Versatile Use:
    Perfect for running . swimming . surfing . snow sports . cycling . boxing . weight training . hiking and more

  • Material: Silicone Rubber
  • 1pc xFull Movement Waterproof Knee Brace


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