Full Silicone Reborn Baby Doll – Goods Must Buy

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22″ Reborn Baby Doll Sleeping Angel Whole Silicone Dolls Lifelike Baby Doll Soft Simulate Real Baby Toys For Children

Size: 56cm

Weight: net weight of about 1.5kg

Structure: The whole doll is made of mixed silica gel and can be washed into the water. The doll’s limbs can move and sit and lie down. Will not stand and will not speak;
Eyes: The eyes of the doll can’t be opened.
Hair: imported mohair . hand-implanted . it is recommended to use a metal comb.
Clothing: bring your own set of clothing as shown in the figure. If you need to wear your own clothes . it is recommended to buy real baby clothes newborn nb or 0-3 months size.


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