FurBaby Energy-Release, Anxiety Calming Dog Ball 5pc Set – generatysa



Voted the #1 Pet Toy in 2019 . TheFurbabyIs The Pawfect Toy To Ease YourFurbaby’s Anxiety!

On a daily basis . 1 in 4pets experienceanxiety and boredom. When they are left alone or not taken out for regular walks . play and exercise . theybuildpent-up energy . stress and this leads to severe destructive behavioral problems . loss of appetite and a shorter life span.

Normally . we’re already swamped withchores . work and commitments… it gets tougher now especially with theglobal lock-down and we’re unable to play or take them for regular walksand as a result .our precious furbabies are bored out of their minds and have too much pent up chaotic energy!

Introducingour new . original Anti-Anxiety CalmingDog Ball – one of the highest quality pettoys produced!Designed to automatically roll around at a touch . keeps dogs and cats fully engaged and on the chase!

The bright color catches their attention and curiosity while ourHunt-Instinct technology .sets the ball to roll in 3-8 second intervals. This speaks to our pets on a instinctual . genetic level . mimicking how they chase for prey or each other in the wild. While at the same time allowing ample time for rest so they don’t over-exhaust themselves while playing! This is exactly why we were Voted the #1 Best Pet Toy in 2019 . as we’ve designed the toy to take care of all aspects of their health . play and rest times.

Ultra Soft . Made of Vegan Fur . and extra comfy to touch. You also get thefull set of colored coverswith your order (and yes . the covers are machine-wash safe!

Of course . nothing can replace the attention and warmth that you bring to your furbaby but having a little helper on the side will surely greatly ease your mind!

Youneed thisFurbaby Calming Pet Ballif yourbaby can’t stand the loneliness and boredom… or simply as a treat to pamper your best friend. This rollerball will help himstay engaged and would keep him distracted from destroying the furniture out of frustrationand uses up the pent-up energy .ensuring they get all the exercise they need at the same time!You can let your pet feelsafeand surrounded by favoritetoys to ease its boredom. This ball makes noise which attracts pets to follow them.

ThisFurbaby PetBallstimulates the pet’s nose and mind senses and trains them to play fetch. Also . it aids the dog’sgrowth and development.The ball is covered from outside and the cover can be removed by unzipping it. While cleaning . simply remove the cover and wash it. Once dried . put it on the ball.

To give your dog aperfect playtime . this ball combines sound and speed which every pet loves to follow. So . do not have any second thought about theusefulnessof this toy and gift it to your paw friend right away.

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  • Stimulates your pet’s nose and mind keeping them fully engaged
  • Prevents boredom and loneliness when you’re away
  • Prevents unwanted destructive behavior due to boredom or anxiousness
  • It helps aide your dog’s growth and development and ensures they get ample exercise!

The ball rolls with random movement stimulating your dog’s senses and holding their attention for hours on end.

These custom designedFurbaby Energy-Release .Anxiety CalmingDog Ballare aMUST HAVE!Designed with premiumhigh-quality material!


  • Color (ball cover):Pink . Yellow . Blue . Green areall included
  • Batteries: 2* AA Batteries (Not included)
  • Material: Microfiber + ABS
  • Size: 13*13cm


  • 1 pc xDog Anti-Anxiety Ball
  • 4 pcs x Ball Covers



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