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This Gardening Pocket Chainsaw is able to Cut Down Everything in the Garden or in the Woods!


  • HIGHEST-RATED POCKET CAMPING GEAR! CREATE AN OUTDOOR FIRE OR CUT DOWN BRANCHES AND TREES ANYWHERE . IN ANY SITUATION! The pocket chainsaw will cut through wood with ease . reducing the amount of time and effort needed to cut down a branch. Perfect for boy scouts . bug-out bags . and emergency gear. Use it to clear mountain bike/ATV trails or when off-roading.
  • Made from Military Grade Alloy 3 Times Stronger than Normal Steel-This gear is extremely lightweight . versatile . flexible . and compact ?C able to cut a 3″ limb in less than 10 seconds! Made of high-strength . super-strong heat-treated steel. Its longer chain makes for incredibly fast cutting time with razor-sharp blades . sawing 3 sides of a thick limb at once. Clearly . this product outshines the competition!
  • MULTITUDE OF USES – Ideal for Hiking . Camping . Emergencies . or simple Yard Work whenever you need to cut down a branch. You can also extend the handles with rope to reach higher heights.


Constructed of high-strength . heat-treated steel
Blade length: about 25.5inch
Weight: about 114g(4oz)


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