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Ginseng Rapid Cure Acne Treatment Cream uses the perennial herb for its medicinal properties to effectively treat acne. Ginseng has anti-inflammatory . antibacterial properties for treating acne.It helps relieve acne symptoms byclearing acne bacteriaand decreasingacne-pain. Besides reducinginfection . it also promotes inacne-spot healingandscarremoval.

Saponin in ginseng is a powerful medicinal compound for improving skin texture and strengthening skin’s barrier naturally. Not only does it reduces the size . swelling . and redness of existing pimples acne . it tonifies the skin from acne-prone to healthy . balanced and clear skin.

Severe Acne
Hormonal / Cystic Acne


  • Rapidly reducesthe visible signs ofacne & redness
  • Absorbs toxinscausing acne
  • Anti-inflammatoryand ceases infection
  • Aidswound healing
  • Preventsscar formation&future break-outs
  • Penetrates andpurifies pores
  • Non-dryingformula . no flare-ups


  • Active Ingredients: Ginseng Extracts . Geranium Extracts . Multi-herbal Essence
  • Net Weight: 25g


  • Cleanse skin thoroughly before applying. Apply on affected area with a thin layer 1 to 3 times daily.

Package Includes:

  • 1pcs X Ginseng Rapid Cure Acne Treatment


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