Glass Design Mini Storage Bag – Best Trendy Deals


“It’s Only One Plastic Bag” – Said 8 BillionPeople

Reusable Jar Bags are a must have in any kitchen or household . preserve food or take it on the go with absolutely zero waste. Each bag is thick with an airtight zip seal . they can be put in the microwave . dishwasher . and freezer.
They eliminate the need to purchase plastic sandwich bags or cling wrap . saving you money and plastic waste from our Oceans & Wildlife.

Save Money On Single-Use Plastic Bags
Dishwasher . Microwave & Freezer Friendly
Airtight Seal . Keep Food Fresh

Perfect for leftovers . snacks . packing your lunch . meal prepping . or anything around the kitchen. You will receive 10 or 12 Reusable Jar Bags . each with different sizes and color and by eliminating ziplock bags and cling wrap you will be making a huge difference in helping our Planet be a better place.


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