Transparent Corner Guards – lesteren

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We often accidentally bump into the corner of the table . so I use Corner Guards to avoid injuries.


  • ??Super Transparent . Super Soft and Super Sticky?? Our corner bumpers are so crystal-clear that they keep your furniture beautiful. You can customize our corner bumpers by cutting or trimming them until they fit the shape of the corner.

  • ??Premium Quality Material . Special Design . Ensure Family Safety?? Our baby corner guards are made from 100% non-toxic medical grade PVC and approved by FDA. It can also protect walls and furniture when moving in/out.

  • ??Custom Made High-Performance Stickers?? Our stickers are super clear and so adhesive that corner bumpers won’t come off easily. Unlike regular adhesive . you can remove our custom-made stickers without damaging your loved furniture . leaving no residues on the surface.

  • ??Easy Installation?? Our instructions instruct the installation process and precautions in detail. Following it . you can easily finish the installation within 3 minutes. All you need to do is apply a sticker on the corner and remove the cover . then put our corner protectors on it. Done! Our corner protectors will last for a long time.


  • Material:PVC


  • 4 x Transparent Corner Guards


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